sexta-feira, dezembro 14, 2012

Eurosondagem, 5-12/12, N=1034, Tel.

PS: 34% (-1)
PSD: 26.4% (-0.5)
CDU: 11% (+1)
CDS: 10% (-0.1)
BE: 9% (-0.5)

The PM has the worst approval rating of any party leader. 60% of voters want the President to send the budget to the Constitutional Court for preventive constitutional review before promulgating, while 23% want a downright veto. Massive headache over at Belém Palace, I'm guessing. Here.

segunda-feira, dezembro 10, 2012

Polls since the 2011 election

LOWESS line uses a 25% bandwidth. Everything pretty much the same as in October, except that PS's edge over PSD is now clearer, at about 6 points.