quinta-feira, abril 28, 2005

As incógnitas do dia 5

David Cowling
Com um ponto muito importante que não desenvolvi no post anterior:

Labour's nightmare is that some of their 2001 voters will drift to third-placed Lib Dem candidates in key marginals with the result that a number of them will fall to the Conservatives.

E claro:

To avoid such a fate, Labour needs to motivate its supporters to turn out on polling day.

Alan Travis, no Guardian, com uma interpretação mais "optimista" dos trabalhos de Blair:

This difference underlies the central finding of this week's poll: the Conservatives' aggressive campaign to impugn Mr Blair's personal integrity is in fact fuelling a sharp rise in his popularity as the campaign goes into the final seven days.

Mas, no mesmo Guardian:

Labour is under mounting pressure in marginal seats in the face of strong voter scepticism and a disciplined Conservative attack which has reduced Labour's lead to 2% or less in key constituencies.

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