terça-feira, maio 10, 2005

Something completely different

Quando ouço falar em "arte mexicana", fico logo desconfiado. Começo logo a imaginar pinturas murais, estatuetas e colares de contas. O que só mostra como sou preconceituoso. Se forem a Madrid, não percam isto.

Especialmente, isto:

Já não estou tão seguro sobre a conversa que se segue, mas ajuda a perceber do que se trata:

A Morir (’til Death) by Miguel Angel Rios in collaboration with Rafael Ortega will consist of a three-channel video installation shot in Tepoztlan, Mexico; the work focuses on a popular street game called "trompos" that involves spinning tops. Viewed from multiple perspectives, the video begins with one spinning top and culminates in a cacophonous profusion of numerous tops in a single game that includes thirty of the most skilled players in town, aged 14 to 50. Through the documentation of this simple scenario, dynamics of competition, invasion and territorialism are signaled both visually and aurally. The lyrical movement of the tops is accompanied by their intense, sycopating sound. Confined within a white grid painted on asphalt, the masses speak to both space and subjectivity. The relative violence is complicated by the game’s high formality and beauty. A Morir (’til Death) negotiates both politics and poetics in abstracting narrative about urban sprawl, congestion, and war.

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