quarta-feira, março 01, 2006

Sondagens na Palestina (2)

Mais uma:

Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, 16-20 Fevereiro, M=1003, Face-a-face.

I am going to read to you a series of policies and duties, which Hamas could follow. I would like you to tell me whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with each of them.

Recognize the State of Israel.
Strongly agree:16.1%
Somewhat agree: 34.7%
Somewhat disagree: 17.0%
Strongly disagree: 31.5%
Don’t know: 0.7%

Continue the truce with the Israelis.
Strongly agree: 48.5%
Somewhat agree: 32.0%
Somewhat disagree: 11.3%
Strongly disagree: 8.1%
Don’t know: 0.1%

Resume the peace process with Israel.
Strongly agree: 32.2%
Somewhat agree: 37.5%
Somewhat disagree: 20.0%
Strongly disagree: 9.5%
Don’t know:0.8%

E uma citação do Political Aritmetik sobre as sondagens na Palestina, que vai de encontro e para além daquilo que eu próprio escrevi aqui.

I'm a strong "small-d" democrat. I don't know what Hamas will end up doing in office. And I don't expect miracles. But I do think that over the long haul (say 20-40 years) democratic institutions exert real pressure on political movements that enter the electoral arena. The IRA is a good example. It has taken a long time, but there has been real progress there. I hope the same for the Palestinians, though I think I am realistic about the long time frame required. What I so admire about the PCPSR, DSP and other Palestinian pollsters is that they are providing the independent data and analysis of what the Palestinian public thinks that is a necessary part of democratic institution building. Given the hard conditions in which they work, I'm very impressed with their excellence. I hope that they continue to provide the best data possible so that whoever runs the Palestinian Authority will have to consider what their public thinks.

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