sexta-feira, dezembro 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

Estados Unidos, Princeton Survey Research Associates, N= 1,009, Dez-2-4, 2004,Telefónica

Now, regardless of your own religious beliefs, we'd like your views on Jesus. Do you think Jesus Christ ever actually lived, or not?
Did: 93%
Did Not: 3%
Unsure: 4%

Now I have a few questions about the Bible. Do you believe that every word of the Bible is literally accurate -- that the events it describes actually happened, or not?
Yes, Believe: 55%
No, Do Not Believe: 38%
Unsure: 7%

Which of these two positions do you most agree with?
The entire story of Christmas—the Virgin Birth, the angelic proclamation to the shepherds, the Star of Bethlehem and the Wise Men from the East—is historically accurate: 67%
The story of Christmas is a theological invention written to affirm faith in Jesus Christ: 24%
DK/NA: 9%

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