quarta-feira, setembro 19, 2007

Polónia, 2: incerteza

The Law & Justice (PiS) and liberal Civic Platform (PO) both received support from 26% voters in a poll commissioned by the TV news programme Wiadomosci broadcast by public television TVP1, conducted by researchers from TNS OBOP. The centre-left coalition LiD would make it into Parliament with backing from 9% of voters. Other parties would not exceed the 5% threshold guaranteeing presence in Poland's Parliament.The poll was conducted among 675 out of 1,000 people who were at least "rather positive" about taking part in the general vote.

Another poll, conducted by PBS DGA, shows PO with 30% and PiS 29%. The election will hinge on voter turnout. PiS' voters are generally older and located in rural areas. These voters tend to vote in greater numbers, while city dwellers and younger people - the PO's core supporters - tend to have other things to do and do not turn out at the polls as frequently. Additionally, there are anywhere from one to two million Poles living and working abroad in another EU country (UK, Ireland, Germany, etc.). A lot will depend on whether these people arrive at Polish consulates to cast their votes.

Fonte: Warsaw Voice

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