segunda-feira, outubro 08, 2007

Polónia, 4

Os gémeos descolam? Depois da incerteza e confusão nas sondagens mais recentes, há um primeiro sinal claro de que o PiS ganha vantagem:

Angus Reid Global Monitor - The governing Law and Justice Party (PiS) could remain the top political group in Poland after this month’s ballot, according to a poll by PBS DGA published in Gazeta Wyborcza. 36 per cent of respondents would support the conservative PiS in the election, up six points since mid-September.
The opposition Civic Platform (PO) is second with 31 per cent, followed by the Left and Democracy (LiD) coalition with 16 per cent, the Self-Defence of the Polish Republic (SRP) with six per cent, the Peasant’s Party (PSL) with five per cent, and the League of Polish Families (LPR) with three per cent. Under the country’s proportional representation system, a party must receive at least five per cent of the vote—and a coalition at least eight per cent—to elect members.

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