quarta-feira, junho 06, 2012


Interesting tidbits from the last Catholic University poll (Portugal, registered voters, N=1366, face to face, 49% response rate):

- 67% evaluate the government's performance as "bad" or "very bad."And yet, 58% believe that no opposition party could do better.
Passos Coelho and Paulo Portas, the leaders of the coalition parties, have the worst evaluations of all party leaders.
- Miguel Relvas is judged the worst member of cabinet, by far. Vítor Gaspar, the Finance Minister, the best (or least bad, so to speak.).
- Cavaco Silva, the President, has the worst evaluation ever, for himself and for any President before him.
- 72% support staying in the Eurozone. 20% support return to Escudo.
- 59% expect need for further EU/IMF support.
- 58% think it unlikely Portugal descends into a Greek scenario.

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