quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

Sem limites

Quando se pensa que nada podia ser pior, o horror recorda-nos que não tem limites.

24 CHILDREN DEAD IN IRAQ BOMB13.7.2005. 19:18:39
A car bomb in south-eastern Baghdad has killed 24 Iraqi schoolchildren and a US soldier. Hospital and US military sources said another 20 children were wounded, along with at least one US soldier. "A driver approached one of the US Humvees and then detonated his car," said Sergeant David Abrams, according to AFP. A witness said children had gathered around the Americans who were handing out sweets when the bomber drove towards them and blew himself up. A parent of one of the slain children said he heard the explosion and rushed out of his house to find his son. "I only found his bicycle," said Abu Hamed, speaking at Kindi hospital where hundreds of distraught parents were gathered. He said he had found his son in the hospital morgue. "I recognized him from his head. The rest of the body was completely burnt," he said. The blast is said to have taken place as the US patrol was passing through Baghdad's al-Jedidah district. Another witness said nearby homes were demolished in the explosion.

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