quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

Suportar o terrorismo II

UK, Yougov, 8 Julho, N=1834

Do you think that it may sometimes be necessary to restrict the civil liberties of suspected terrorists even though there is not enough usable evidence to charge and convict them, or should nobody ever have their civil liberties restricted unless they are charged with a specific offence and taken before the courts?
Sometimes necessary to restrict civil liberties:70%(58% em Fevereiro)
Nobody should have their liberty restrictedwithout being charged and taken to court: 23%
(32% em Fevereiro)
Don’t know:7% (10%)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? – The threat of terrorism in Britain these days is so serious that it may be necessary sometimes to take action against people who have not yet committed any offence, but about whom the intelligence services have evidence that they are planning an act of terrorism.
Agree: 81% (75% em Fevereiro)
Disagree: 11% (14% em Fevereiro)
Don’t know: 8% (10% em Fevereiro)

Itália, Ispo, Jul. 8-9, N=1600, Telefónica:
Do you think a terrorist attack could take place in Italy soon?
Yes: 82%
Not sure:8%

EUA, Gallup, Jul. 7 to Jul. 10, N= 517, Telefónica
Do you think the war with Iraq has made the U.S. safer—or less safe—from terrorism?

Safer: 40% (44% em Maio)
Less safe:54% (39%)
No change:5% (13%)
No opinion: 1% (4%)

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