quinta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2006

E mais uma...

Sem grande novidades de fundo em relação ao post anterior, mas com algumas respostas interessantes.

UK, Mori, 9-10 Fevereiro, N=601, Telefónica.

Q1-15 From what you have heard or read about the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which have been published in a number of European newspapers, do you agree or disagree that …(exemplos)

Q11 "British papers were right not to publish the cartoons"
Agree: 72%
Disagree: 16%
DK: 11%

Q12 "Muslims were right to be offended by the cartoons"
Agree: 62%
Disagree: 22%
DK: 16%


Q6 "Demonstrators carrying placards calling for beheading and other acts of violence were justified"
Agree: 3%
Disagree: 93%
DK: 4%

Q7 "The Police should have arrested those demonstrators promoting acts of violence"
Agree: 80%
Disagree: 12%
DK: 8%

E a melhor de todas é que, afinal (tal como na Palestina)...

Q18 Have you personally seen the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which were published in some newspapers and shown on some television programmes and Internet sites?
No: 74%
Don't know: 1%

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