sexta-feira, julho 21, 2006

Os americanos e a guerra no Médio Oriente

Survey USA, 16 de Julho, N=1200, Telefónica

Should the United States military get involved? Or should the United States military stay out of it?
Get involved: 12%
Stay out of it: 84%
Not sure: 4%

Should United States diplomats attempt to negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and its neighbours? Or should the United States stay out of it?
Stay out of it: 52%
Attempt to negotiate a ceasefire: 44%
Not sure: 4%

Does Israel have the right to attack Lebanon?
No: 34%
Not sure: 12%

About the Middle East. Is the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers an act of war against Israel? Or not?
Yes: 60%
No: 25%
Not sure: 15%

Opinion Research Corporation, 19 Julho, N=633, Telefónica

Do you think Israel's military reaction to the situation in the Middle East has gone too far, not gone far enough, or been about right?
Too Far: 31%
Not Far Enough: 14%
About Right: 35%
Unsure: 20%

Which of the following statements comes closer to your view of what Israel should do? Israel should continue taking military action until Hezbollah can no longer launch attacks against Israel. OR, Israel should agree to a cease-fire as soon as possible.
Continue: 39%
Cease-fire: 43%
Unsure: 17%

Tendências maioritárias: apoio a Israel e ao direito de retaliar, resposta tende a ser mais vista como adequada ou até insuficiente, divisão sobre cessar-fogo ou continuação de ataques, desejo de não envolvimento americano (especialmente militar).

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