quinta-feira, dezembro 13, 2007

Referendos e ditaduras

E no meio da conversa que houve há uma semana sobre as "estranhas ditaduras" onde se perdem referendos, esqueci-me do melhor exemplo de todos.

Da Wikipedia:
The Zimbabwe constitution referendum of February 12-13, 2000 saw the defeat of a proposed new Constitution of Zimbabwe which had been drafted by a Constitutional Convention the previous year. The defeat was unexpected and was taken as a personal rebuff for President Robert Mugabe and a political triumph for the newly-formed opposition group, the Movement for Democratic Change. The new proposed constitution was notable for giving power to the government to seize farms owned by white farmers, without compensation, and transfer them to black farm owners as part of a scheme of land reform.

E a seguir:
DESPITE its humiliating defeat in last weekend's constitutional referendum, the Zimbabwe government said yesterday that it would push through an amendment that would allow the state to seize white-owned farms without compensation.

O resto já sabemos como foi.

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