quarta-feira, março 03, 2010


Um artigo de Miguel Lebre de Freitas, no Jornal de Negócios, via Economia Política. O Economia Política fala, a propósito disto, do Europa 2020. A mim, a crónica de Lebre de Freitas lembrou-me de um artigo muito recente de James Buchanan, intitulado Economists have no clothes:

Unfortunately, economists, generally, failed to understand that aggregate variables that may be measured with tolerable accuracy ex post may not be variables subject to control, directly or even indirectly. The fundamental misconception here lies in the understanding of what ‘the economy’ is. The ‘economic problem’ is not (despite Lionel Robbins) an engineering problem that may be defined simply as the allocation of scarce resources among alternative uses. The economy, in some inclusive definitional sense, is perhaps best described as an order that consists of an interlinked set of exchanges, simple and complex, from which outcomes emerge that may in some respects be meaningfully measured but that cannot be chosen, and thereby controlled, by concentrated decision takers.

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